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In "Dogs," man's best friend has become his worst enemy. At a small California college town, domesticated dogs are mauling cattle. Soon, a rancher is found dead. Later, a motorcyclist and an elderly woman are attacked by dogs and dragged away, torn and bleeding. The bodies begin piling up, but the mayor refuses to believe that domesticated dogs are packing together and killing. Before the night is over, many people will die. Linda Gray of "Dallas" fame stars in this cult classic 70's thriller. Her death is reminiscent of the shower scene in "Psycho." Overall, the acting could've been better. I would've given "Dogs" another star if the presentation had been in widescreen in lieu of full. The film and audio quality were better than expected but there are no subtitle or captions as given in Amazon's advertisement. If you love nature gone wild fims, such as "The Swarm," "Ants," "Killer Bees," "Birds," and "Frogs," then this film is perfect for you. The alternate title is "Slaughter." When you see the gruesome ending at the college library, you will understand why. Debbie Davis, Linda Gray, Russ Grieve, Elizabeth Kerr, Sandra McCabe Language: English Year:1975