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Item# doctor-gore

Product Description

Emminent plastic surgeon and mad scientist Don Brandon loses his wife Anitra - pinup model and social butterfly - in a tragic accident. He and his faithful humpbacked and drooling assistant Igor - oops, I mean Greg - busy themselves experimenting with re-animation experiments. Once ready, the good Doctor begins luring young women back to the lab with hypnosis in order to gather select parts to create a New and Improved Anitra. J.G. Patterson Jr. ... Dr. Brandon (as Don Brandon) Jenny Driggers ... Anitra Roy Mehaffey ... Greg Linda Faile ... Girl in the Trunk Jan Benfield ... Pam Jeannine Aber ... Ellen Candy Furr ... Secretary Vickie O'Neal ... Company Corpse Jerry Kearns ... Old Man in Truck Ken Sigmon ... Max (Truck Driver) Linda Lindsey ... Scrubwoman Bill Nevins ... Bartender Joe B. Lamb ... Himself Runtime:75 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1973