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Doctor Death Seeker of Souls W/S

Doctor Death Seeker of Souls   W/S
Item# doctor-death-seeker-of-souls

Product Description

Meet the charming, flamboyant Doctor Death (the incredible John Considine), a 1000-year-old man who has mastered the art of "selective reincarnation", promising to keep one's soul alive forever! The catch? He needs a fresh body to host it for you, and finding willing volunteers is an impossibility. When Fred's beloved wife dies, he refuses to believe she is gone forever. Dr. Death's loyal assistant, Tana (Florence Marly, the original QUEEN OF BLOOD), offers a supernatural solution to return his wife to him...only to run into trouble when Dr. Death can't find a suitable body for her to reside in! The bodies pile up and Fred must choose between his lost love and stopping a mad doctor hellbent on success! Directed with tongue firmly in cheek by Eddie Saeta, this colorful horror oddity must be seen to be believed!

John Considine, Stewart Moss, Barry Coe, Moe Howard, Jo Morrow # Format: Color, Widescreen # Language: English Year:1972