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Disturbed W/S

Disturbed    W/S
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Dr. Derrick Russell (Malcolm McDowell) is a Professional Psychiatrist at a Mental Hospital. When he meets a Sex Obsessed but an attractive suicidal patient (Pamela Gidley), who is new at the Hospital, He`s attractive to Her (Although she has a Split Personality). Which Russell did a horrible thing to a Attractive Patient of His, ten years earlier. When Russell is planning to something Awful to his new Patient, He`s accidently killed her with the help of a Mental Patient (Geoffrey Lewis). Since, she Murder, Russell is being hearing strange things on his Mind and Also, seeing strange things including the Woman, He Murdered, is it all in his Head or She`s not Dead? # Actors: Barbara Babbin, Carrie Lynn, Clint Howard, Emerson Bixby, Geoffrey Lewis Language: English Run Time: 96 minutes Year:1990