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Destination Inner Space

Destination Inner Space
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Strange goings on at the site of an experimental underwater laboratory as a mysterious object of unknown origin is detected in the area. A group of researchers investigate and come face to face with the object, a large automated extraterrestrial probe. They board the craft and discover a small object at first considered to be some sort of instrument package, which they take back to the lab for closer inspection. It is then that events take a turn for the worse. Scott Brady ... Commander Wayne Sheree North ... Dr. Rene Peron Gary Merrill ... Dr. LaSatier Wende Wagner ... Sandra Welles Mike Road ... Hugh Maddox John Howard ... Dr. James William Thourlby ... Tex Biff Elliot ... Dr. Wilson Glenn Sipes ... Mike Richard Niles ... Ellis Roy Barcroft ... Skipper Ed Charles Sweeny ... Bos'un Runtime:83 min Country:USA Language:English Year:1966