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Deadly Relations

Deadly Relations
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Leonard Fagot has four daughters and loves them so much, that he usurps his control over them. He lets them know how he feels about the men they date. And if he disapproves of them, he probably will have them killed to get them out of his daughters' life.

Robert Urich ... Leonard J. Fagot Shelley Fabares ... Shirley Fagot Gwyneth Paltrow ... Carol Ann Fagot Applegarth Holland Tony Higgins ... Mike Holland Georgia Emelin ... Joanne Fagot Westerfield Matthew Perry ... George Westerfield Ted Marcoux ... Bruce Applegarth Roxana Zal ... Marty Jillian Boyd ... Nancy Fagot Joy Farmer ... Shirley Fagot Jr Brett Rice ... Tom Porteous Runtime:91 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1993