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Deadly Blessing ( WIDESCREEN )

Deadly Blessing  ( WIDESCREEN )
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A former Hittite (a member of an Amish-like sect) dies in a mysterious tractor "accident", and his widow is left to face the frightening Hittites who view her as "the incubus" and may have sinister designs on her. Maren Jensen ... Martha Schmidt Sharon Stone ... Lana Marcus Susan Buckner ... Vicky Anderson Jeff East ... John Schmidt Colleen Riley ... Melissa (as Coleen Riley) Douglas Barr ... Jim Schmidt (as Doug Barr) Lisa Hartman ... Faith Stohler Lois Nettleton ... Louisa Stohler Ernest Borgnine ... Isaiah Schmidt Michael Berryman ... William Gluntz Kevin Cooney ... Sheriff Runtime:100 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1988