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THE WARRANT There's nothing quite like a women scorned. Kate Jackson is out for vengeance in this exciting episode, and she just might get it with the help of her new gun ... The Dead Man's Gun! e Guest Star: Michael Moriarty (John Pike), Zook Matthews (Hank Bemis), Patrick Keating (Customer), Suki Kaiser (Maria), Brock Johnson (Mike Griffin), Andrew Francis (Boy), Bill Croft (Ed Brady), Samantha Coughlan (Wife), Nicole Champagne (Marie), Ian Brown (Doctor), John Tench (Joe Rule), J. Douglas Stewart (Bartender), Lynna Robinson (Clara), Donnelly Rhodes (Sheriff Blythe), Kate Jackson (Katherine Morrison)

NEXT OF KIN A peace-loving man seeks revenge against the men who killed his family in this episode. But will he himself fall victim to the Dead Man's Gun in the process? Star: Kris Kristofferson (Narrator) Guest Star: Cheryl Wilson (Emily), Terry David Mulligan (Winston McKinney), Ken Ryan (Winston McKinney), Ocean Hellman (Anne), Mark Humphrey (Bruce McKinney), Peter Hanlon (Arthur Nevins), Scott Bellis (Peter Harrick), Helen Shaver (Dianna McKinney), Edward Asner (Jeb McKinney)