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Item# curse-of-the-vampyr

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A small rural Spanish village of the present is haunted by vampires. Dr.Dora Maeterlick is called to a nearby castle to cure the father of Baron Carl von Rysselbert who suffers from a strange blood disease. Erika, assistant to Doctor, falls in love with Carl. But Carl is a vampire and pretty soon he makes Erika his vampire bride. From now on Dr.Maeterlick plunges into a nightmarish whirl of dark happenings... Diana Sorel ... Dr. Materlick Nicholas Ney ... Carl von Rysselbert Inés Morales ... Veronica Loli Tovar ... Margaret Beatriz Elorrieta ... Erica (as Beatriz Lacy) Susan Taff ... Mayor's Assistant Antonio Jiménez Escribano ... Baron von Rysselbert rest of cast listed alphabetically: Jesús Alesanco Francisco Bonmatí Francisco Correa Rosario Royo ... Baron von Rysselbert's housekeeper María Luisa Tovar ... Widow of victim on bicycle (as Marisa Tovar) Rafael Vaquero Ricardo Vázquez José Villasante Runtime:102 min / Spain:88 min (cut version) / West Germany:88 min Country:Spain Language:English Year: 1972