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Chained Heat ( Widescreen )

Chained Heat   ( Widescreen )
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Linda Blair plays Carol, a young woman who must serve 18 months in prison after killing a man (by accident). The prison turns out to be brimming with decadence, corruption and sleaze, where the other female inmates are sadistic crack-selling lesbian rapists and the guards and warden are no better. Racial tensions are high as the inmates is divided into two factions, blacks and whites, who must either join together against the management or kill each other trying. A sleazy blend of sexploitation and blaxploitation make this movie a real winner

Linda Blair ... Carol Henderson John Vernon ... Warden Bacman Sybil Danning ... Ericka Tamara Dobson ... Dutchess Stella Stevens ... Captain Taylor Henry Silva ... Lester Sharon Hughes ... Val Kendal Kaldwell ... Boots Robert Miano ... Stone Dee Biederbeck ... Bobbi Greta Blackburn ... Lulu Nita Talbot ... Kaufman Louisa Moritz ... Bubbles Runtime:Argentina: USA:95 min Country:USA | West Germany Language:English Year: 1983