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Cartoon Crazy's Spooky Toons (1939)

Cartoon Crazy's Spooky Toons (1939)
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Ever wonder what goes bump in the night? Do ghosts really cry? Join Popeye, Casper, Betty Boop and Koko along with a cast of hundreds scaring and being scared throughout the vast haunted world of cartoon land. Will Bluto scare Olive Oyl into a date? Or will Popeye save the day? The answer to this and other spooky mysteries are all here just waiting for you to watch them...if you dare!!! 1. Intro 2. There's Good Boos To-night 3. Fright to the Finish 4. Jasper in a Jam 5. Jack Frost 6. The Lunar Luger 7. Balloon Land 8. Spooking About Africa 9. The Scared Crows 10. The Huffless, Puffless Dragon 11. Is My Palm Read 12. Wot a Night 13. The Devil's Ball 14. Ouija Board