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Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters

Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters
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Louie's Sweet Shop is a frequent victim of the local neighborhood kids' baseball games. The Bowery Boys think that a nearby vacant lot would be perfect for the kids to play ball, and keep out of trouble. Slip and Sach go to visit the owners of the lot at their home As it turn out, the owners are completely insane. Dereck, a mad scientist, wants a brain for his gorilla. His brother Anton wants a brain for his robot, Gorog. Their sister Amelia need to give food to her man-eating tree, while their niece Francine is a vampire. Feeling that Slip and Sach are perfect for their personal needs, the family asks the duo to spend the night. The boys soon catch on to the family's schemes, causing a frantic chase through the house. Louie, Butch, and Chuck visit the home to search for Slip and Sach, but it's not too long before they too get caught into the action. * Leo Gorcey as Terrance Aloysius 'Slip' Mahoney * Huntz Hall as Horace Debussy 'Sach' Jones * David Gorcey as Chuck Anderson (Credited as David Condon) * Bennie Bartlett as Butch Williams Year: 1954