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This horror anthology contains four spooky tales of the supernatural told around the dinner table by the actors and the director of a horror movie. The stories involve a mad bomber who gets his macabre comeuppance; a magical coin that transports its owner back in time; a ghost haunting a rich old man's vault; a karate champion whose desire to achieve the "Tenth Level" reveals a secret for which he isn't prepared and finally the framing story ties everything up with a creepy climax. Harve Presnell ... Peter Brown Jack Somack ... Ralph Lambert Curt Dawson Doris Roberts ... Mrs. Lambert Jerry Lacy ... Don Savage Stefan Schnabel Norman Bush William Chen (as Master William C.C. Chen) Tom Tammi Sharron Shayne Deborah Loomis Lee Moore Alexander Orfaly Jean Palmerton René Enríquez Runtime:86 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1976