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Bad Taste Widescreen

Bad Taste   Widescreen
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Four dim-witted men from the New Zealand National Air and Space Defense League arrive in a small New Zealand fishing town to investigate a report of landing UFO's and take on a batallion-sized army of aliens who have massacred the town's population as part of their plans to use humans as part of their main ingredient for their intergalactic fast-food chain. Starring: Terry Potter ... Ozzy / 3rd Class Alien Pete O'Herne ... Barry / 3rd Class Alien Craig Smith ... Giles / 3rd Class Alien Mike Minett ... Frank / 3rd Class Alien

Peter Jackson ... Derek / Robert Doug Wren ... Lord Crumb Dean Lawrie ... Lord Crumb SPFX Double / 3rd Class Alien Peter Vere-Jones ... Lord Crumb's Voice Country: New Zealand Language: English Year:1987