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BAD DREAMS widescreen

BAD DREAMS   widescreen
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It is the mid-70's. A sinister cult called Unity Fields commits mass suicide in a horrific manner - by fire - at the behest of its psychopathic leader, Harris (Richard Lynch). Only 1 young woman named Cynthia (Jennifer Rubin) survives to tell the tale. Now, 13 years later, Cynthia is having grim reminders of the mass-suicide, as people around her begin to die one at a time. Cynthia finds out quickly that the ghost of Harris is back...to claim his 'love child'.

Jennifer Rubin ... Cynthia Bruce Abbott ... Dr. Alex Karmen Richard Lynch ... Harris Dean Cameron ... Ralph Harris Yulin ... Dr. Berrisford Susan Barnes ... Connie John Scott Clough ... Victor Elizabeth Daily ... Lana (as E.G. Daily) Damita Jo Freeman ... Gilda Louis Giambalvo ... Ed Susan Ruttan ... Miriam Sy Richardson ... Detective Wasserman Missy Francis ... Young Cynthia Sheila Scott-Wilkenson ... Hettie Ben Kronen ... Edgar Country:USA Language:English Year: 1988