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After disappearing without a trace and being given up for lost, a manned probe to Mars is observed returning to Earth but will not respond to any contact. After mission control risks an automated landing, they find that there are only two survivors, one critically injured and with some strange growth on his arm. Doctors turn to the other surviving astronaut, Iris Ryan, for answers, and discover the Martians' angry warning which, to paraphrase, would be, "You Earth kids stay out of my yard!"

Gerald Mohr ... Col. Thomas O'Bannion Naura Hayden ... Dr. Iris 'Irish' Ryan (as Nora Hayden) Les Tremayne ... Prof. Theodore Gettell Jack Kruschen ... CWO Sam Jacobs Paul Hahn ... Maj. Gen. George Treegar J. Edward McKinley ... Prof. Paul Weiner Tom Daly ... Dr. Frank Gordon Don Lamond ... TV newscaster (narrator)/Martian Voice Edward Innes ... Brig. Gen. Alan Prescott Gordon Barnes ... Maj. Lyman Ross Jack Haddock ... Lt. Col. Davis Brandy Bryan ... Nurse Hayes Joan Fitzpatrick ... Nurse Dixon Duke Norton ... Dr. Muller William Remick ... Dr. Hawley (as Wm. Remick) Runtime:83 min Country:USA Language:English Year: 1960